Cottonera or the Three Cities (Birgu, Bormla, Isla)

The Cottonera area has a footprint of approximately 30 square kilometres, and is located in the Inner Harbour Region on the South-East of Malta. Vittoriosa also known as Birgu, is one of the three oldest cities in Malta. It is a place beaming with historic buildings that take you back to the times of Great Siege in 1565. The Fort St. Angelo at the entrance of this creek set as majestically then as it does now. The building which was left in abandon, is now housing the resident Knight of the Military Order of St John, known as the ‘Fra’.

A walk around the city of Birgu is a must. The town Bormla, or Cospicua is a 5 minute walk from the Marina. Shops, banks, internet cafés and pharmacies can be found close by. Across the waters is the city of Senglea also known as L-Isla, where one can also find various local cafés and restaurants catering for all tastes. The Casino di Venezia, on the Birgu Waterfront, also provides restaurant facilities.